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I know, I know.  The Fender Pro Jr. isn't exactly on the cutting edge of amplifier technology.  This is really about as simple as it gets.  A well loved basic tube design, small package, cool tweed cover.  What's not to love?  These amps won't be perfect for everyone but I've met few players for whom this wouldn't be a great addition to a collection.  And I actually kind of frown on the idea of a collection so I'm speaking more in the utility sense of the word.  You know, tools in the toolbox style.  If you're just finding your way into the world of vintage style tube amps, or are tired of lugging something big and loud to gigs or jams that need small and less-loud, this is a go-to.

I had occasion to demo most everything on the floor for a customer recently.  We got to the Pro Jr and I was immediately reminded why I've owned and performed with at least 2 of these over the years.  It just sounds right in all the ways that really matter.  And my 50ish year-old back is a fan, too.

Fender Pro Jr IV